Monday, October 20, 2008

Great Items added Daisy Girl Creations

This Sunday I kept busy with the continous updating of Daisy Girl Creations. I am excited to say that I have posted 6 new hats for sale and one really awesome scarf. I had 3 sales in 3-4 days, so I was inspired to update.

With fall weather coming closer and closer each day and Christmas too for that matter, I have been diligent about posting new items for sale that will hopefully catch the eye of some buyer either for themselves or for someone they know.

With each item I put up, I think that it will be popular and a great item. Yet what I think would be a great hit and what the public thinks are two totally different ideas. Like my flower pins for example. Affordable and cute, yet I only sold two at the flea market and haven't moved one on Etsy. Interesting. Oh well, I still really like them and will continue to sell them and make them.

I have three pairs of fabulous mittens up. Here is the interesting thing...the orange mittens have had more hits then the fuschia ones. I have more yarn for mittens, so I will be adding more colors as soon as I finish two orders for Christmas. I will be adding cranberry, pink, grey, teal and lime.

I know that with Christmas creeping up on us and with the economy the way that is, I am hoping that people will be shopping for their friends and loved ones on my site. It's fashionable, heart felt and affordable. So we shall see. I have posted some pictures on here of some of the recent additions to Daisy Girl Creations.

More items to be posted to Daisy Girl Creations shortly. Next, I will be adding some more felted bucket hats. Wonderfully soft and wonderfully warm!

Crocheted Beanie with flower in Burnt Orange.

Crocheted Beanie with flower in Avocado
Crocheted Beanie with flower in BlackNewsboy hat in CreamNewsboy hat in GreyNewsboy hat in BrownCrocheted Flower Scarf

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fabulous Fall Mittens


I have just posted on Daisy Girl Creations, a pair of fabulously fall mittens. These mittens are perfect for cool mornings and frosty nights. Knitted in orange wool yarn, these mittens will keep your fingers toasty warm. These mittens have been knitted.

With Christmas well on the way, you may want to visit Daisy Girl Creations and other Etsy sites for unique gifts. There are tons and tons of things to choose from. You can easily spend hours on Etsy without realizing it.

I have a new pattern for mittens that are crocheted. They are simply fabulous as well. I need to make some to test out the pattern. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Fall Hats on Etsy

I love fall and all the great colors the season brings to our area. I know that there are areas that have a lot more fall color, but that's a 6 hour plane ride from here. So, I must work with what I have available. I was inspired to create some hats for fall. We are now having cooler mornings and nights, so I figured a nice open work hat would be perfect. I then added a fall leaf of some sort to give it that last touch. The hat above, is crocheted in soft brown yarn with a red maple leaf stitched on.

The hat below here, is cream colored and crocheted in wool yarn with multiple leaves stitched on. I thought it would be fun to photograph these hats with my new pumpkins. I suppose it helps to convey that it is fall.

I hope that you enjoy these hats. I hope that they find a good home. I can make these hats in other colors and the leaves too. The leaves in the above picture here, I made. You can see these hats and more at Daisy Girl Creations.

This is a pumpkin that I had hot glued grosgain ribbon on.

This pumpkins have been turned into tea light holders.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my fall hats and a few of my favorite fall decorations. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall is Here!

I love fall weather. It means cooler weather, beautiful color, pumpkins and flea markets. I love this time of year. It could be a little cooler here in Sacramento, but we got rain this weekend! At least it rained this weekend and not last weekend when the Tattered House hosted it's fall flea market. It was a warm day, but that didn't stop the shoppers. Daisy Girl Creations hit the streets for the first time ever!

Yes, that is a picture of me after I made my first sale at the flea market. I have sold items on my Etsy page before, but this was the first sale to take place in the physical world. I am excited and look forward to updating my Etsy page and updating my blog.