Friday, November 7, 2008

A Great New Store on Etsy

So my friend Michelle has started her new on line store at And let me tell you, she has been making some awesome things. First, there are these amazing frosted glass vases with snowflakes on them. The picture I have included in this post is of the vase I just purchased. Each vase is also a candle holder or what ever you can think of to put in it. Also, each vase is hand designed. Each snowflake has been hand punched and placed to give it that unique look. So each vase is unique in it's design. How awesome is that? Michelle will also be adding some hand made stationery that is classy in appearance. I have gotten a sneak peak of these and let me tell you they are fabulous.

With Christmas coming up, Michelle's store, A la Main (by the hand in French) is a great place to find unique Holiday decor. Like Michelle said, "Bring some Christmas cheer into your home without letting the cold air in with it!" I have already ordered my first vase. Get these unique creations as a gift for yourself or someone else.

Ok, where is this great store you ask? Here is the address: Go there, check out all the great items. She is still working on the store and adding new items, so be sure to check back frequently to see new stuff.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November is here!

I can't believe that November is here! It seems like only yesterday that it was August. Now with an overcast sky coming out of really wet weekend, I believe that fall is here and Christmas is on the way fast. Yikes! I have a few more things to finish making and then I need to buy a few things. Argh. I don't want to spend any money right now. Especially with the way things are going in the government. Scary times lay ahead. I am thankful that I am a Christian and know that God is behind this. So while I am not thrilled that Obama is president, nor that the Democrats control all three branches, I will pray for their hearts and minds to change and that God will impact them and this country in a huge way. It's either that or move to Scotland and be under parliamentary rule. Which at the moment appears to be a good thing. At least one thing good came out of the election, Prop 8 passed. I am sorry for those who read this and don't agree with me, but I am a Christian and believe in traditional marriage. I don't hate, but I cling tightly to the word of God.

Ok, enough of politics...Christmas is on the way. Sadly, I won't be buying a tree this year. We will be celebrating Christmas in Vancouver, Wa this year, so no tree for us. Sadly Daisy will be spending the Holiday in the doggy hotel. Sad. I wish we could take her with, but we are flying up north and on Christmas Eve no less!

I guess I should try to get my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving to avoid the mass craziness of the malls. I think I might order a lot on line. That would make it way easier.
Other news, my parents sold their house, moved into their new one and disconnected their old number. I can't believe how fast this all went. I am happy for them and some what sad. Maybe it's the clouds that are adding to it...who knows. But, I will be preparing Thanksgiving dinner at their new place this year. That should be fun. Daisy just all of the sudden jumped up here to say hello.

Well, that about sums up everything right now. Not a whole lot going on right now since I am trying to recover from my cold. I had it two weeks ago and then it came back on me with such a force. Now I am just trying to get over it so I can attend the Causeway Classic and cheer for Davis to crush Sac State.

I hope that this fall season finds you all well. Take care and I shall right again.