Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Almost Done!!!

Alright! The new Cardi Shawl is almost finished. All the knitting is done, I just have to weave in the ends and block it. Blocking is pinning your work flat and blasting it with steam from an iron. I hate blocking, but the shawl thing will look better if I do it.

It took me less time to knit it then I thought. I got most of it done while I was home sick all last week. Goody. I am thrilled that it is finished. It looks so awesome. I know I need to post pictures. I will soon. Most likely when I completely finish it.

I made my new garment out of Alpaca yarn, so I will be waiting a little while for it to cool down to wear it. Yes, it's sleeveless, but it still holds in the heat. It will be perfect for winter. I shall pair it with a long sleeved shirt, skinny jeans and my brown boots. It will look fabulous! I just need to get a shawl pin. Hmmmm, maybe Babetta's or Filati will have one. Although, I will be downtown by Rumpelstiltskin on Saturday. Maybe they will have one. Options, options.

I hope our weather cools off soon so I can wear it. We're supposed to be in the 100's this weekend. Yuck. I am so ready for winter.

My new knitting project is a pair of mittens that Bella Swan had on in the movies. I got this awesome pattern for free off of Subliminal Rabbit. She has a cool blog too. I almost have the first one completed. Just need to finish up the finger areas. It's a beautiful cable knit mitten that is 13 inches long when finished. I love it! I am knitting them out of that Super Saver cheapy stuff that is super durable and can be washed in the washer! Yay! I will post pics of those when they are completed. I know that my 13 year old cousin will want these. Hmmm, Christmas gift? We shall see.

Well, off to knit...