Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Goodness

I wanted to do something very summery today. I baked a peach pie for Dennis and I made with White Peaches from our tree in our backyard. This tree is only in it's second summer and you would not believe how many peaches this thing is kicking out. We had like 12 really sweet and good ones from last year's produce...Keep in mind we planted it in April that same year. We have had so many peaches that they are going bad before we can eat them.

Dennis has been creative with the peaches too. He has been making white peach margaritas. So, I figured I would help out by making a peach pie. I hope it turns out. I made a peach pie last year with peaches off of our regular peach tree. But this, this is white peaches. So we shall see.

Nothing says summer to me like margaritas, pie and heat! Sadly we are back in the 100's. Hear I am baking a pie in an oven at 425 and it's 103 out. Not smart. But that's why they made air conditioners.

Now that my pie is in the oven, the dishwasher is washing, laundry doing it's thing...I figured I would just chill out and watch the Matrix series. I just finished watching the Lord of the Rings, so now we move on to a more modern-ish movie series. It's good fun and helps make data entry faster.

Well, that is all for now. I need to pull the foil off my pie. Take care everyone and stay cool!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Friend is gone!!!

This is me and my friend, Michelle. She's gone! Not dead, she's just is on her way to Florida with her husband. They are moving there! I am so sad. That is all the way across the country! Oh the horror of it all. That is another one of my friends to move across the freakin country! It all started with Joe and Kelly. I will lay the blame on them. They started this horrible trend.

Joe and Kelly moved to North Carolina a few months before Dennis and I were married. They were both in our wedding. My friend Courtney and Todd moved from Davis to Santa Cruz. They were both in our wedding too. Am I seeing a trend? Michelle, she married a Marine. Cool! Then she moved to Temecula. Then there is Kendra. She moved to Tucson. Then my parents moved to Vacaville, no longer owning my childhood home. Now Michelle and Doug are on their merry way to Florida. This sucks. I am happy for them, but really sad for me. I liked it when she lived in Temecula. I could visit when I flew down to see my aunt. Now, it's like a 6 hour or more plane ride (lay overs).

Sigh...I hope no more of my friends are planning on moving any time soon. I am blessed however, to be making some new ones at my church. Thank goodness for that. And for making some new friends in the flea market scene. Yay to my friends Clinton & Becky, Sandy & Erica, Jill, Kristi, Kim, Jenny and of course Erin & Charles (our life long buds from EV).

I want to be the one that moves next. I want to flee to Washington (2nd choice). First choice: England! Hello Prime Minister and Parliament. Yeah, so they have a queen. Let me remind you she's only a figure head and has no real power. The rate things are going here in California and the US, I am ready to become a subject of the British Empire.

Ok, enough rant. Did I mention that it's rarely hot there?