Sunday, November 27, 2011

Simple, Cute, In-expensive Christmas Wreath

This simple, cute Christmas wreath is in-expensive to make and looks fabulous!


Here is the list of supplies you will need:

  • 1 tube of pipe foam liner stuff (found at any hardware store for about $1.25)
  • Duct Tape
  • Yarn of your choosing (I went with Lion Brand Homespun in wintery colors. I used 1 and 1/2 balls)
  • Christmas ornaments of your choosing. I went with felt snowflakes from JoAnn’s for $1 each. I bought 5.
  • Ribbon to hang your wreath. Pick a color that coordinates with your yarn.
  • Hot glue gun
  • 2 pins
  • lighter

To Assemble:

Cut the foam  tube to create the desired size of wreath.727

Hold the to ends together 729

Tape them together with duct tape. You may need someone to help you. My husband was handy…730

Now you have a tube and are ready to begin wrapping the foam wreath.

I put a little knot in the yarn. This will help anchor your yarn to the tube.


Take one of the 2 pins, put it through the center of the knot and fasten it to the wreath. I inserted the pin so it would be under the duct tape. 


Once your yarn is anchored down, you are now ready to begin wrapping. 


Wrap the wreath with the desired amount of yarn. You will want to make sure the foam doesn’t show. 738

Once you are done wrapping, cut the yarn.739

Make a knot in the end and insert your 2nd pin through the center of the knot. Wrap the yarn till taught, then insert the pin into your wreath to fasten it down.


Them cut the yarn close to the pin. Use the lighter to light singe the yarn. This will prevent unraveling.


Now you are ready to add your embellishments. Arrange the embellishments how you want and glue them down.

 747 748 749 750


Add your desired length of ribbon to your wreath, tie a bow and hang! Enjoy!


This wreath only cost me $7.50 to make since I already had the yarn, hot glue and pins.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Its Been Awhile...

I am so horrible at keeping up with this blog thing. I just mainly Facebook. The last blog post I wrote, I announced I was training for a marathon. Still am...and the marathon date is fast approaching. December 4th is the D-day. I am excited and nervous. I am still working on running, but having to do so carefully thanks to an injured IT Band. Sigh...I guess its the sign of a true runner.

The knitting has been happening like mad. As Christmas approaches, the knitting increases. Making gifts, working on orders. I am so blessed for the business. My friend has been helping me to use Ravelry more and I have to admit, it's been a blast.

Off to work on some projects...and yes, I ran today :o)