Monday, December 22, 2008

Gym Time!

Ok, so I have decided that I have sat on my butt enough with all that fabulous knee stuff and decided that it was time to get into the gym and begin to shape a better body. The one I have right now is not too flattering. Anyway, I had been meeting with a trainer for the past 4 weeks and today, being the last of the free sessions, was torture day. I have to admit...I pushed myself harder on the elliptical machines than usual. But the weights! Oh the weights. I hate weight training. I would much rather be running on the elliptical machines, doing yoga or in the pool. I have to admit though, if I don't want that flabby arm situation that I have going on right now, weights is the way to go.

I was at the gym for about an hour and half; just going over all the machines we had used and what she expects of me when we're not meeting. Man, brutal. But I need brutal. I don't want a BMI of 28 which falls in between the "Fair" and "Poor" columns. Sad. I didn't know that you could be thin and have a bit of fat at the same time. Crazy! Well I want an excellent BMI reading by the time we go to Italy. Lets face it...the swim suit season is out until September. I am not going to kill myself like I did today. I got home, showered and a monster head ache showed up. You know the kind...the kind where not even Extra Strength Excedrin don't even touch. I love it! Can you feel the sarcasm yet?

Well, my problem with the whole gym thing is motivation. I want to go and work out and be thin and toned and all that...I just don't want to have to leave my nice warm house and do the work. Yeah, I am lazy when it comes to the gym. Well, Cal Fit has just built a brand spankin new gym not 5 minutes from my house. Now I have no excuse. That is where I have been going for the past month. It's going slow, but I don't want to injure my knee. If that goes, then the whole gym thing goes out the window. Don't want that.

Well, I figure that is enough griping about the gym. Other than the headache...I really like how I feel about an hour afterwards. Pretty good, minus headache. Well, that is all for me for now. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a safe one too.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas day is approaching fast!

With Christmas day approaching at what feels like record speeds, I am starting to feel that holiday stress. Between work, a crafting business and Christmas gifting...a girl could go grey in a hurry. Well, thank God for hair dye.

The marathon weekend of open houses and trunk shows behind me, I look at the last Christmas gift that I am working on...sitting there on the couch, beckoning me to finish it. Argh! And the knitting...going so slow. I hate the yarn I am using. It's too thick for the needles, but it will make a fabulously warm pair of slippers. I still have two orders to fill from the trunk show. Thank goodness they are easy things that make up fast.

I have discovered something though...if one crochets for too long, one starts to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Yikes! That awful feeling in your arm, right above your wrist. It feels like your tendons are screaming out "Stop the madness!" Well, that is where I am at this moment. Thank goodness that knitting doesn't use the same motions. I sold out of a lot of items at both events that now I have a bunch of catching up to do. Well, I have the warmer months for catch up. But still, that is a lot of crocheting and knitting. I feel very blessed to have sold a lot of items between public shows and Etsy. I made over $300 between the two shows. That should do nicely for our trip to Italy. Yeah, I decided that all my proceeds from these events will go into savings for our trip in September.

BEBPA, one of the other organizations I work for, is hosting it's second conference in Rome! I am so excited. Dennis and I will be spending three weeks over there. Exploring, attending Formula 1 races, shopping. Can't forget about shopping. See why I need to save every penny I can? I am really hoping and praying that I can get us some tickets to the F1 race. Pray for us and cross your fingers.

Well, I hope that this hectic season finds you all well. Take care and God bless!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Time is here and so is all the shopping

I can't believe that Christmas time is here again. So fast too. All the stores are decorated and Christmas music is playing in the background, while we shoppers dig through mountains of sales to find that one perfect gift. That is why I make most of my gifts every year. For the people who don't get handmade gifts...that is why God invented the Internet. Hello online shopping. I love the beauty of it...point, click, pay and it's on its way. Don't get me wrong, I love going to the malls and shopping with everyone, but there comes a time when I don't want to have to be with all those people.

Anyway, here is a great idea for all those people who live near the Sacramento area. On Friday, December 12, from 6-9pm, there will be a holiday open house at the Design Well Live Well Eco-boutique in Auburn. I and a few other vendors will be up there selling unique and handmade gifts. Come on up and find that perfect gift for that special someone.
I hope that this fast approaching holiday season finds you all well. Don't forget to check out Daisy Girl Creations or A La Main for that perfect gift or holiday decoration. Take care and good luck finding gifts for everyone on your list.