Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brown Dog Cottage Open House

This last Saturday, Brown Dog Cottage hosted one of many open house events. Despite the threat of rain, the event was fairly successful. We had wine, cheese, chickens and twinkle lights. Lots of goodies were up for purchase. Along with Brown Dog Cottage, Daisy Girl Creations was in attendance. While the event had a few visitors, we know that with the warmer weather and the spread of good words, we expect more people for February. Check out the pictures below.   

Brown Dog Cottage will be hosting another open house event in February. The date is to-be-announced, but you can definitely find out the information here, on DGC and on DGC’s Facebook page. Hopefully DGC will be in attendance for the February event, but one never knows. I will keep you posted here and in other places. I will be working on some new items for the upcoming events and will be updating the store.

I am currently working on some new patterns. Yes, that is right, I got bitten by the pattern creating bug. I have one pattern up for purchase…that would be my awesome tote bag. I am working on a pattern for a cowl (a short, circular scarf without all the bulk of a regular scarf). I have one made and had written down the pattern, but it needs some tweaking.

Be sure to check back later for updates. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My New Pattern

Ok, so I attempted to create my own crochet pattern. That part turned out fairly well. The Etsy part even turned out...the whole listing it and turning it into a PDF for purchase. The part in question is on Ravelry. I tried to create a pattern on there for purchase...and well...not so good. I emailed them for help as my pattern looks pathetic on there and I need to do lots more editing. Oh how sad.

Any way, the completed pattern with pictures is for sale for $5 at DGC. I think it turned out fairly well. I hope people purchase it and I hope that there aren't too many mistakes. I gave it another read through and did a little more editing. So, we shall see.
The above picture is a completed Tote bag for sale on Etsy. Wish me luck.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Items and New Events

I have a bunch of new items listed on Etsy. I am very excited about my new line and hope it does well. I made a lot of new pendants and several pair of earrings. This items I have doodled on and shrank it down and made fabulously fun and unique jewelry. I even have new tote bags up. I hope that those do well too.

Daisy Girl Creations will be at Clinton’s open house event on January 23rd, from 4pm to when ever we feel like ending it. The address for the open house is: 211 Sequoia, Roseville, Ca 95678.  I hope that you all can come by and say hello. There will be lots of unique items for purchase, fellowship, and possibly good eats.

I will be working on some more fabulous knitted, crocheted and other hand made goodies for my store. Keep checking back for new items.


Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Projects

It's 2010. Do you say "Twenty Ten" or "Two Thousand Ten" or what??? Just don't say "Oh Ten." That would sound lame. So it's a new year. That means new ideas, right? I hope so. My goal for 2010 is to get new items made. One of the "major" projects I am currently working on is the designing of my very first pattern.

I have a friend at church that wanted a smaller tote bag for their trip. She is rather petite in stature so the usual bags out there look ginormous on her. So I got to work on thinking up how I am to do this. Then it hit me. I finished up the bag and showed it off to some friends and family before turning the bag over to her. They loved. I immediately got 2 orders for it. Wow! That's fast! So I whipped those out and got to thinking...I wonder if people would be interested in buying a pattern.

I have never written a pattern before. Is there some big secret on how to do this? I have used patterns hundreds of times. Looks easy enough. Yeah, it's not. I didn't realize that I had been constantly revising and improving the old pattern. Oh snap! One night, I sit down and bang it out on my keyboard. Then there were the read throughs. You really should never edit your own stuff. Your brain fills in whats missing. Not good.

I have the pattern 99% complete. There are a few test crocheters out there, testing my pattern. Then all I need to do is add some pictures of the finished product. I always hated it when you get a pattern and there are no pictures. There is no way to compare your work to theirs, or for that matter attempt to figure out a tricky part if they had left out a key piece of the pattern. I won't do that to you!

I hope to get the new pattern up on Etsy and Ravelry. I should probably put it up here too. I hope that once it is completed, people will want to buy it. Maybe I should figure out a knitted pattern for it for the people who don't crochet. Hmmmmm...

A New Year, A New Look...

Not for me...for my blog. I still have blog envy. I won't deny it. I click through the other blogs here on blogspot and see how fabulous they all look. Blog envy. Then I found this of some one's blog for free blog backgrounds. And hey, they aren't bad. So, I figured 2010 should have a new look. Granted, it will probably change again, but for now, here is the new and improved Daisy Girl's page.

Where did I find this awesome website you ask? Well, here is the link. I know, you appreciated that. I hope that this helps you or someone you know with blog envy. On this site, you can create your own look. It's pretty cool and really easy to use. I like easy to use, especially at 1 am!

With that in mind, and me not realizing it was that's off to bed for me. I shall read until sleep take me. Hopefully that will be sooner than last night. *Sighs*